Fashion Week Paris!


October 2, 2013 by truckstopcomedy

It’s fashion week in Paris this week! Designers will be showing their Spring/Summer 2014 collections. We sent our correspondent, Charles to break us off with some of the reviews:

Hi everyone,

I’m here in Paris for fashion week, which is pretty cool. I’m trying to gather some goofy looking dudes to re-take that legendary Kanye West picture with his goons. The one where they’re all holding like briefcases and wearing suede and ostrich leather gloves? Anyway, I’ve been attending a lot of the shows and I’m supposed to report back. I also got access to the front row? No one calls fives over here in Paris. Like, if you don’t call fives, seat’s all mine bro. Here’s my review of Chanel S/S 2014:


This first look is just super weird. Like that’s not gonna look good on a guy. Probably why they used a female model, no? It looks like a deflated bean bag chair covered in Fruit Stripe wrappers.


Guys aren’t going to be cool with that sweater for next spring. Some may choose to give it a try (I prob would), but no dude will be caught dead in that skirt. Honestly, it’s a little 70s, but if you pair that sweater with some regular fit light jeans, you’re good to go. Absolute home run. Block purse is pretty chill though.


Actually? Red blood American dudes would not be caught dead in that belly shirt with the fringe shoulders. Did you paper maiche that, Chanel? And that David Bowie makeup is not helping. Like oh yeah let me go buy that outfit from Chanel for this April, but I can’t ever wear it out unless I have fucking Bob Ross paint a nature scene around my eyes. Bracelets are a little clunky, but dope.


Here we go. That sleeveless is so tits. A muted color like that is really perfect and understated, and the sequins isn’t too much, just enough. Take that shit to Hooters, watch some WWE, kill the party. Anyone else notice that the decor is cooler than the models’ clothes? Not a good business move, but hey, I don’t run Chanel.




She like matches that pie chart on the wall behind her. Blue and pink sweaters are pretty cool. Though that cardigan’s not that manly, and is that a sweater reverse-tied around her waist!? Where are we, summer camp? Right after she walked the runway, this chick checked our cabin for termites then took me and my boys canoeing. Fingerless gloves are pretty raw.

So that’s it for Chanel. Hopefully I’ll be able to do a few more reviews, if Truck Stop sends me any money. I’m having fun at the shows! See you next time!


2 thoughts on “Fashion Week Paris!

  1. Credit to The Sartorialist for the pics

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