Charles Reports from the Grammy’s Red Carpet

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February 1, 2014 by truckstopcomedy

We sent our #1 correspondent, Charles to the Grammy’s last Sunday to give us some deets from the Red Carpet:

Hi guys,

LA livin’ am I right? Love this city. I had some time before the red carpet kicked off so I went to the lobby of Bravo HQ and gave em the double birds. Don’t cast me on Princesses: Long Island? I don’t forget. Also went to Pink’s? Rocked like 15 hotdogs. Paid credit on all of them.

With that out of the way I figured that the most important part of the red carpet at the Grammy’s is the outfits, ensembles, or if they suck – getups. Let’s dance:


Looking like a deer in headlights, KP. Also look at that dress dude! What’s on there, music notes? I didn’t know the Grammy’s were an 8th grade piano recital. The train of that dress is so long, there were people all the way down on the beach in San Diego holding it up to make sure it didn’t drag. Cool earrings.


Hahahahahaha. Yo, check it out its fucking extras from the Willy Wonka remake with Johnny Depp. If I remember correctly, after this photo was taken both Sean and Yoko jumped onto a giant slide made of taffy to take them down to their seats.


I have those bedsheets.



I love Mark Ronson. Can’t knock this guy.

Wait what the fuck was that Bob Saget on the red carpet earlier? Danny Tanner? Is it just me or does Saget look like he just spliffed super hard before hitting the carpet? Like he and Willie Nelson lit up behind that Grammy’s backdrop and when they were done just walked to the other side for pics.


BLURRRRRRRRRRED LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINES. I still love that shit. Song is so good. Awesome tux Robin. Awesome dress Paula.


Bruce Almighty lookin’ ass.


Dudley Do-Right!? Dude Brendan Fraser starred in that. I literally don’t get this hat. Like sorry Mr. Park Ranger, I thought I was allowed to smoke weed at Yellowstone; I’ll put this out right away.

Pharrell is so cool though. I got one of those hats the next day and I’m wearing it as I write this.

Also just so I don’t come off as a hypocrite – I dress like a jackass most days of my life. So when you see me feel free to knock me back, celebrities.

Ok, that’s it for the red carpet. I had fun. Thank you.


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